What is a PBX?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it refers to your business’ internal phone system.
It allows for employees to call each other, and take and receive external calls through a certain number of external phone line connections as well.

Rather than having individual lines for each phone in your office, a PBX offers a centralized hub unit through which each line can pass. Fewer lines mean fewer costs for your business, as each PBX is operated by the individual business or service provider, rather than the telephone company.


An IP-PBX operates in a similar way to a traditional analogue PBX, but it incorporates VoIP technology.
VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows users to make phone calls through the internet, relying on data rather than analog audio signals, and therefore avoiding certain phone company charges.

With an IP-PBX, voice and data networks are intertwined. This holds an advantage over basic PBX services, as the converged networks make internet access and traditional telecom services possible within a single line for each user.

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